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Adult Violin Learning - Where to Start?

by Cat

i have decided after all these years(im 33) to try my hand at learning the violin,i do love the sound of the electric in particular.
Basically I need help from start to finish. can it be self taught? or best to be taught by a tutor,guidence on purchasing your first violin etc.
I played guitar for many yrs both electric and acoustic, so not adverse to finger exercises and scales etc.
Any help and advice would be great

thanks cat

From Marie at Learning How to Play the Violin

Hello Cat,

Congratulations on your decision!

You can certainly get started with just a book, but I strongly suggest seeing a tutor a few times just to be sure of your form (how you hold the instrument and bow), as that can make a big difference in how you sound. Since you have previous string instrument experience, you'll have a huge advantage.

I'm going to guess the most you'll need to work on with a tutor will be the bow hold and getting used to the fretless nature of the violin.

For your first violin, I'd suggest heading into your local music shop to speak with the folks there. While you can find a violin on Craigslist and the like, you're more likely to find consistent quality and accessories at a music shop. I'd suggest starting with an acoustic violin rental until you have enough experience under your belt to be able to try out electric violins.

The violin uses the same clef (type of music) as the guitar: treble clef. However, typically the violin only plays one or two notes at a time.

Good luck to you!

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