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Benefits For Your Body

by Brianna H
(Kansas United States)

While practicing the violin you burn about 148-233 calories but practice really good¡ Violinist have connection between the two sides of the brain which accounts for the better coordination they have between each hand compared to non-Violinist. Also Violinist are able to use both sides of the brain compared to non violinist. After weeks of lots of practice for weeks you will see........

1. Have more upper body strength.

2. Back will strengthen

3. Your biceps and shoulders will be stronger

4. Your fingers will be stronger and typing.

5. It will give you good muscles If you practice well and alot.

6. Stress relief

7. Much less depression anxiety

8. Much less feelings of feeling loneliness

9. Increased energy levels

10. More muscle mass

11. Fewer aches and pain


Marie from Learning How to Play the Violin:

There are a lot of great benefits to play violin, aren't there! For some more info, in addition to Brianna's, you can check out Benefits of Learning to Play Violin. Thank you for visiting!


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