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Benefits of Playing the Violin

The violin benefits everyone, old or young, in several different ways.

When you learn to play violin, your arms and fingers learn new physical skills. They become stronger and more flexible, and your fingertips will acquire small callouses -- proof of your hard work and practice!

Reading violin music often improves concentration and expands your horizons even beyond violin. The savvy violinist can play music meant for flute, recorder, and other instruments.

If you want to, you can join musical groups and enjoy the social benefits of violin playing as well. Imagine enjoying chatting with a stand partner during break, bowing after your first concert with a local orchestra, or just simply having fun at a local folk music gathering!

Your age doesn't matter, just your ability to practice and your love of music!


Adults learning the violin will notice physical, mental, and even emotional benefits. Learning the violin as an adult gives you the advantage of being in control of your own musical education! For more information about the benefits of violin for adults, please see this adult violin benefits page.

Kids who are learning the violin will often improve their social skills, physical stamina, and even reading skills. Your child will be able to look forward to many years of music and fun! For more information about the benefits of violin for kids, please click to see this benefits of music education and violin for kids page.

Teens often look for ways to socialize with others, make friends, and fulfill their musical interests as well. Benefits for teens are similar to those of adults and kids, but there are a few things that violin tends to really help with! For more information about how violin benefits teenages, click here to see the violin playing benefits for teens page.