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Can you play basic fiddle music with fused wrists?

by Jeff

My wife has had both her wrist fused rigid. Her right (she is right handed) has a 15 degree bend and her left is straight. She has rotation but cant wave. Would she be able to learn some very basic fiddle style tunes. Thanks.


Hi Jeff,

I would think so, especially fiddle tunes (which often require short notes).

For the left hand, her challenge would be to reach everywhere she needs to reach on the fingerboard. She may find she has to change songs to mostly be on the higher two strings, for example. She may need to do some quick maneuvering and use her thumb, even. (That's not the way you're "supposed" to do it, but if it gets the fiddle tunes played and it's fun...!)

She probably won't be able to have much vibrato (vibrating the note slightly to beautify it), but that's not the end-all be-all either. There are plenty of tunes that would work.

Her right hand (bow hand) would require moving mostly from the elbow (as much as possible). She may find that longer notes are more harsh, since the wrist is used to straighten out the bow during long notes (close to the frog of the bow and the tip of the bow).

Fiddle music is a good choice. It's forgiving and it's a lot of fun. Good luck to both of you!

Marie with

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