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Homeshooling Violin practicing father

by Michael
(Quebec Canada)

Hi there, just quickly stumbled on your website. Thanks for sharing your tips.

We homeschool our 6yr old daughter and shes been taking Violin from an excellent teacher for over a year now, but as we are moving far from her, we are sort of on our own and I'm now trying to make our daily practices feel "fun" and one of these is finding good beginner's level sheet music.

Theres some around free downloadable stuff, but its scattered It seems it would be a perfect addition to your website, (of course without violating copyrights..)

Thanks all
Take care


Hi there Michael,

Thank you so much for your kind words and suggestion! I am intending to start creating sheet music for the site, since I have the ability to do so.

Copyright is always a concern, of course. A great source to pull from is public domain music books. Of course, tracking those down can be a challenge.

I sincerely wish you and your daughter good luck on your musical journey! When I was homeschooled and learning viola, I ended up attending just the orchestra class at the local schools.

Thank you! Keep an eye out here for future additions to the site with more playing position information and online sheet music.


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