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I quit years ago...Is it too late to start playing violin again? -Alice

by Alice Waters
(Uk, England )

I am 13, half way through year nine, and really regretting quitting the violin. But the problem is, I quit 3 years ago, when I had been already playing for two years in primary school. Is it too late to try and start playing it again? ( I am doing my GCSE's next year too) Also, I'm not really too good at reading music as its been three years. Please help, I am really confused!


Hello Alice,

First of all, I do not think it's "too late" to start playing again. If you're looking to play in school, you will need to play some catch up.

You will probably need to get a private teacher and engage in some lessons for awhile. I'd also recommend going and speaking with the music teacher at your school as soon as you can. He or she can let you know what techniques you will need to master to be able to participate fully in the music class.

My experience within the American school system, related to music classes, is that they advance slowly. I will guess that classes where you live are the same. With some hard work, practice, and some guidance, you can probably catch up.

If you're looking to simply get started again with violin and aren't interested in playing in school, then work at your own pace! You can still look at getting a private tutor, at least at first.

Don't forget to have fun with it! Good luck!


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