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Is it late to play a violin?

Hi Marie,
I have a question to ask, is it ever too late to play a violin? In my school everyone starts at fourth grade. I was more cautious. After two years I finally agree to start learning violin. Eventually I was the only sixth grader(11 year old) to play the beginning strings. I felt embarrassed and silly among learning with little 4th and 5th grade kids. Is it ever too late to learn how to play an instrument?


Great question!

I think that it's possible, as long as you practice and put your mind to it. Learn GOOD habits to start with so you don't have to unlearn bad ones first. You'd be surprised (or depressed) to see how many kids start off with bad habits that delay their progress later on.

The down side of starting later is that it can be difficult to find groups to play with, if that's what you want to do. Check out local community groups, or even possibly start one yourself.

There are music books for violin that include accompaniment music on CD or even MP3s as well, which can be fun. Or, you can record yourself playing a half of a duet and then play along with the recording.

It's never too late. Set and remember your goal for learning violin, though. If it's to have fun, make sure you have fun and enjoy! If it's to join a group as well, work towards that too.

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