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Learn How to Play Beginner Violin - About the Author

Hello! Thank you for visiting this site!

I have been playing violin since I was about twelve. I had always been fascinated with how it looked and sounded, and after graduating from playing recorder in the fourth grade, I decided I wanted to play the violin.

I didn't start immediately with violin, however. I learned the viola first, instead. My mom and I went to a meeting to pick out a stringed instrument. She wanted me to play the cello and I didn't want to haul such a large instrument around. I wanted to play the violin but she didn't want to listen to a higher pitched instrument. So, my wise strings instructor, Mrs. Powers, suggested a compromise: the viola!

I quickly discovered, though, that the music for violin was far more interesting to me at that time! I could find more music for the violin of the type I liked. I saved up my allowance for a year (which is a miracle in and of itself, given my money management skills) at a rate of $2 per week and bought myself a violin when I was about 13. I loved it, and I still do!

I began privately tutoring violin and viola when I was 15 at the request of Mrs. Powers, my orchestra teacher. I would tutor my fellow students in the class for the awesome sum of about $4 per hour. Except for a break while I was going to college, I have tutored violin and viola ever since (and no longer for $4)!

You will find that my specialty is teaching violin (and viola) to beginners. I love to see my student start off their violin habits right! I love hearing the odd little questions ("Why is it called a frog?"), even if I didn't always know the answer. I love to teach. Thus, I created this website.

In my other life, I am also a graphic and web designer, so I will be bending some of my graphic design skills towards providing some resources here that most violin teachers' sites do not have. If you have any suggestions as to what else I might include, please let me know!



P.S. Do you have any questions for me? Please ask!