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My Friend the Fiddle

by Michael Y

I play ukulele since I was 6 years old and the guitar since I was 12. I always wanted to learn to play piano and violin and perhaps I might say, I never got the chance, but reality analyzing it I didn't want to do it so bad like nowadays. I bought a cheap student violin and I began to teach myself violin. I am learning to read music alone, well no so alone with the Internet help.

I always have considered the violin as one of the mos exquisite instrument ever made. The splendid sound that can come out from that little body can make make you to transport to a high level of happiness, sadness; is magical feeling.

I know very well that to reach the perfection of this instrument can take years. But I want to play it so badly, that I don't see any reason to give up just because I started to learn violin late in my life.

Playing music trough out my guitar always give a great satisfaction. I can imagine playing well my violin how greatest feeling it can be

Having a new purpose in life, a reason to live for, made life to feel very different, much meaningful. I love the challenge, I love my new gold.

I am looking for an study group to join and learn more and faster.

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