Online Violin Lessons

The best way to learn violin is, quite honestly, from someone who is passionate about it and who is an excellent and patient teacher. Sometimes, finding a teacher just isn't possible, though.

Sometimes you will find someone like that, sometimes you won't or can't yet.

Are you interested in learning to play violin, but can't find a good teacher?

Are you wanting to pick up where you left off years ago?

Do you want to learn violin right instead of getting a bunch of bad habits that you'll have to unlearn later?

How about online video violin lessons, with responsive answers from a live violin teacher?

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Absolute Beginner Violinist to "I can play music!"

Lora of Red Desert Violins has online violin lessons that are comprehensive and geared towards beginners online.

She uses the Suzuki method. Her style is engaging and she covers each technique thoroughly and warmly. You can tell she enjoys what she does a great deal.

The Suzuki method was modeled after how young children learn language and, in its original form, requires the parent to be deeply involved in learning the instrument. These lessons are modified to the Internet age and are geared to the computer-savvy beginning violinist.

Lora's video series starts you at the absolute beginning up through Suzuki book 1. This is a great foundation for you to continue on with any style of violin you're interesting in, including fiddle, jazz violin, and of course classical.

I actually started paying attention to her lessons on YouTube long before she created her online lessons, so you can peek at some of her earlier violin lessons on YouTube. I've embedded one below to give you an idea of her style and her background.

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Dive Into Violin!

Understand that these lessons are a tool, not a magic pill. You will have to work and practice, just like you would with a live violin teacher.

As Lora says, if you can find an excellent teacher to learn from, go that route. If you do not have that choice, though, her program is an excellent alternative.

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Online Violin Lesson Review

To fully review her lessons, I have signed up for them. I am comfortable recommending them just on the basis of the first unit, but I will give you more information as I go through the materials so that you can make a good decision for yourself.

So far, here is what I have gleaned:

  • The Red Desert Violin lessons are more aimed towards adult or teen beginners than kids. She describes things using educated English that might be daunting for a younger person. However, some young budding violinists might just be able to keep up!

  • The lessons come with some nice extras. There is a bundle of MP3s that have the accompaniment in them, so you can listen to the piano part while playing the violin part.

  • Lora also performs the songs she's having you learn, at slower and faster speeds. This is great since you can play along or just compare her playing with yours.

  • She has worked hard on creating these lessons. Want to know what a private lesson might be like? These videos are very much like many of the lessons I've taken and given over the years.

  • This information is presented well and is better than the what some children get in orchestra class.

  • Lora's lessons focus on playing the violin first. You'll learn to read notes first and to play music first!
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Please understand: I am a violin teacher, myself. I don't just recommend any old thing that pops up. I truly believe that this is a quality set of video tutorials. If I were to make violin tutorial videos, chances are they'd look a lot like this!

For more information about Lora at Red Desert Violin and her Online Violin Lessons, please click here.