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Parent of New Violinist - How Often Should He Practice?

by Savitha Suresh
(Hong Kong )


I have just enrolled my son (7yrs) for Violin lessons. He made his own choice of instrument. As a mother I was a bit apprehensive if he has made the right choice. How do I get him to enjoy what he is doing? How often should he be practicing his notes. I know it's just the beginning however some starting tips would definitely help me to handle the situation better.

Thanks Savitha

Marie from

Hello Savitha,

There are a few things you can do to help your son enjoy practicing more:

Keep books, videos, and other things about violin around.

Talk about different kinds of music to find out what kind of music he might be interested in.

Play violin music so he gets different kinds of music exposure. Jazz violin, hip hop violin, and more!

Because he is so young, he does not need to practice for very long each time. Perhaps 15-20 minutes per time will be enough. Typically, once per day or a few times per week is best.

Good luck!

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