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Problem with crooked bridge (connected to the pickup)

by Aga

I just realized, that my violin sounds not so good as in the past. I have a pickup on it, connected with a bridge, from 4 years.

At the beginning it sounded very good with a pickup, better than without - interesting. but later, I noticed also that the bridge is a bit crooked, from the middle up. So it isn't that the bridge stands bad, it's crooked itself.

What can I do? Is it possible, to straighten a crooked pickup bridge, or can I change the bridge? Nobody knows, what to do if it is about violin pickup. I have LR Baggs. Please, help me...


Well, bridges can warp as you describe, from the middle up. Usually this happens in the course of tuning the strings over the months/years without straightening the bridge as needed. The strings will pull the bridge slowly towards the pegs over a long period of time.

If there is a noticeable warp in the bridge by now, you'll probably want to get it replaced. A curved bridge like that will change the sound of a violin, unfortunately, since the strings will tend to sit closer to the fingerboard. This can cause muted sound, even buzzing against the fingerboard depending.

Based on what I see related to the LR Baggs' pickups, it appears that you can get the bridge replaced without having to switch out the pickup. You'll need to take the instrument to a music shop to make sure. They will need to install and fit the new bridge to the instrument for it to work best. They will also position the bridge properly on the body of the instrument over the sound post for best sound production.

Good luck and sorry to hear of your troubles!

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