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Question About Playing C on Violin

by trixie

If a crochet is on the c chord, how do you play it on a violin?


Hello Trixie!

I am going to assume you are asking how to play a note on C on the violin? (For our U.S. readers, a "crochet" is the British term for a quarter note)

There are actually two C's that you can play as a beginning violinist. The first is the C on the G string. This is the thickest string that is on the left (as you look at the violin you are playing). You reach the note C by placing three fingers in the right place on the G string.

The second, higher, C can be played on the A string, which is second from the right as you face the violin. It is played by putting down two fingers in the right place on the fingerboard (a "low 2").

Hope this helps!

Marie from

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