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Violin Bridge Leaning - Is it still playable?

Picture of violin with a straight bridge

Picture of violin with a straight bridge

Picture of violin with a straight bridge
Image with violin bridge leaning towards fingerboard, which needs to be straightened
Picture of violin bridge from the top
Image of a violin bridge leaning too much

My violin has not been played in about 5 years nor has anyone touched it, so it is greatly out of tune. When I pulled it out today, I have decided I want to start playing again, I discovered that my bridge has been warped. It is only slightly bent, but I was wondering if this could prevent me from tuning it and playing it. Should I replace it before I play it?

Marie from


I've seen violins with bridges leaning like this that turned out fine. The bridge does need to be straightened up, though.

The feet are placed in about the right place, so that doesn't need much adjustment. The top needs to be leaned closer to straight up. Be sure to loosen the strings SOMEWHAT before you gently adjust the strings. There is a wooden post inside the violin that you don't want to fall over.

If you're not comfortable moving the bridge (and I don't blame you), you might take the violin in to your local music store. They can set it up pretty quickly again for you.

Alternatively, you can get lessons and the teacher would very likely be willing to set up the violin for you.

Beautiful pictures, thank you for uploading them! They helped when I answered this.


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