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Violin bridge

My viola and violin bridges both have a tendency to shift more towards the G string, so that the area of the finger board under the E string is larger while the end of the G string is almost not the the fingerboard. I usually just push it until it is centered on the fingerboard. I'm wondering if this matters.


Yes, it does matter because the shape of the bridge mimics the shape of the fingerboard. Thus, when you see a shift like that, it will affect the amount of space between the string and the fingerboard. It can cause loss of sound production and possibly even buzzing as you play. Your fingers also need to change position to accommodate the strings.

You might also see the bridge move up towards the fingerboard more, which can change the sound quality. For more info on this, you can see this page, under the heading "Checking to See if the Bridge is Straight":

Hopefully this helps!

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