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Violin Fingerboard Not Flat

by Ralph
(Lisle, Illinois)

Is the fingerboard on the violin supposed to be perfectly level front to rear or is it "torqued" or twisted as it ends over the sound box, or at the bridge end. I was going to buy one used, but it looked twisted a bit. Please reply


From Marie

While the fingerboard on a violin can dip ever so slightly, it should not be visible to the naked eye. Generally, it shouldn't dip (or "scoop") more than about 3/4mm.

If you choose to buy used, which is chancy, be sure to look up the brand and model of the violin if possible using a search engine such as Google. You can find the brand and model by doing the following:

1. Hold the violin sideways at eye level in front of you. The scroll of the violin (the "top" part of the violin with the strings wrapped around the pegs) should be on the left.
2. Tilt the violin slightly towards you and peek in the f-shaped hole nearest you.
3. Read the brand and model on a sticker on the inside of the back side of the violin.

By the way, do not get too excited in the violin says it is a "Stradivarius" or "Copy of Stradivarius". Many violins, good and bad, say this.

Good luck!

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