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Violin Pegs Keep Slipping

by Ronnie
(Tallahassee, FL)

Hi Ronnie,

Congratulations on your new violin!

Slipping pegs is a common problem. The wood that the pegs are made of and the wood of the pegbox both change according to how humid the weather is, the temperature, and so on.

There are products especially for making pegs stick a little better. Typically, these are called "peg dope" or "peg compound". This is stuff that you put a drop or two of onto the part of the peg that contacts the pegbox wood hole. You will need to loosen the peg and pull it out of the hole a little bit, before dripping a little of the peg dope on it.

You don't want to put too much on. This stuff works:

The String Centre Peg Drops


Hi Marie,

I have a question about violin pegs I hope you can answer?

I bought a used violin a few weeks ago, the bottom peg of the left side keeps slipping and unwinding. UGHHHHH frustrating!

How can we fix this please?

Thank you!

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Mar 09, 2014
Excellent Violin Peg(s) Advice
by: Anonymous

Wow. Thank you so very much Marie!

I will definitely show my Mom this and ask her to get it at the place you suggested (the link to the store you gave me).

Just a few drops, eh?

Ok will remember that. Thank you again, really appreciate your time. This is the second time you have answered my questions and it means a lot.

Thanks again.


[Hehehe dope....]

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