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When is the best time to start playing a violin?

My 5 yr old would like to play a violin. When is the best time to teach her to do so?



My personal advice would be to keep any violin playing very light, especially so young. Keep the practice sessions short and focused. Perhaps ten minutes a few times a week.

Children start at 5 and even younger quite successfully, especially with involved parents. If you do start her off without an teacher at first (DVD/book), you'll need to be more involved. You want to be sure she starts off with good form (how the hands are positioned, the stance, straight back, as little tension as possible, etc).

Personally, I prefer to wait to teach a child until around 8 years old, simply because of the methods I use. I tend to introduce music reading almost immediately, as well as rhythm. Children do not tend to be able to absorb those before around 8 years old. BUT, this is simply my preference. There are many high quality teachers who work well with young children.

And, at that age, definitely start with a rental violin. They grow out of the instruments so fast!

Marie with

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