Top things to do at night in Melbourne

Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia and the capital of Australia’s most populated city Victoria. Melbourne is often regarded as the capital of sports, food, culture and fashion. It is also famous for hosting the Melbourne Cup horse race, the Australian Open Tennis Championship, the Formula One Grand Prix and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Melbourne makes every single effort to impress and please its tourists and visitors, and a trip to Melbourne is not just confined to seeing, but also looking, listening and trying the Melbourne CBD nightlife. And there are loads of things to experience here without the need to open your pocket.

Melbourne CBD Nightlife

Here is the list of the best things you can do in Melbourne

Gallery hopping with friends: The National Gallery of Victoria is exquisitely favored for its impressive collection of Rodin, Constable and Drysdale among the several permanent works that deserve to be seen in its international collections. The premier gallery on St Kilda road is itself a piece of art, which is worth a tour with its high-rising glass atrium that is sure to please any connoisseur of art. You can also pay a visit to the Australian collection, including the gorgeous Aboriginal work filled ground floor gallery.

Go high with stunning rooftop views: If you are out to enjoy your Melbourne CBD nightlife, seeing great views from the Sky Deck at Eureka tower is in itself an inspiring experience. Rooftop bars are created for enjoying Melbourne CBD nightlife from Swanston Street, Madame Brussels as well as Bourke Street. The high-rise buildings are quite similar to the skyscrapers found in New York and a view of the city from such great height at night is definitely a heavenly experience.

Playing board games at the bars: What can be a better way of enjoying the nightlife in Melbourne CBD than sharing a pint with the local natives and spending the evening playing board games or finding the way out in giant jenga competition? You can find numerous gaming groups all across the city, and the events will surely make your Melbourne nightlife amazing.

Enjoying the free gigs: After having coffee, a view to the street art and football, it is time to test Melbournians love for music. You can choose from a wide array of free gigs being performed all over the city almost every evening; from the rock venue of the AC lanes to all sorts of jazz, blues, pop as well as authentic Australian hip-hop songs and all kinds of music you like. You can go through the gig guide available in the popular pubs, cafes and bars or check the Indy radio-station’s online guides to find a perfect gig to enjoy with a drink.

 Melbourne is persistently voted as the world’s most lively city, and if you are willing to find nightlife Melbourne wide, you can look at the Melbourne travel guide or let a tourist guide help you find the top indulgences to make your Melbourne visit truly a memorable one.


Inflatable Water Slide Is Of Great Use

Erecting a water slide out of nowhere is fun, and you can do it when you have the inflatable slides. Yes, the inflatable structures when inflated through an auto inflatable pump, give you a readymade water slide within minutes, and then you can use it anywhere to create your mini entertainment park. People in Melbourne love fun and frolic. They work hard during the week, but love to relax and get engaged in fun activities with their children at the weekends. This is why the inflatable water slide in Melbourne is a hot buy for people.

Advantages of getting inflatable water slides

There are numerous advantages of getting an inflatable water slide, and they are as follows:

·        The water slide being made of PVC or nylon type material, lasts quite long, doesn’t break, and gives a flexible and tensile cover which can withstand weight, movement and even sudden pricks and tugging.

·        The slide when fully inflated allows great, smooth passage of water.

·        The material is water resistant; thus never getting water soaked, and dries in a while without damaging the material unlike the metal which suffers corrosion with time in a metal slide.

·        You can set it up anywhere instantly.

·        Inflates in a while through the auto inflatable pump attached with every slide

·        No structure needs to be built, and no support is needed. You can simply inflate and install it temporarily at a ground, or lawn, beside a lake, or on the beach, at your terrace, or anywhere where there is enough space.

·        You may choose from a number of designs as per the space availability in your property.

·        Comes quite cheaper compared to the huge investment required for real slides.

·        As it becomes compact after deflating, you may take it anywhere when you go for a holiday

These are the few important advantages of the inflatable water slide in Melbourne. The fun your family or guests will get from it has no measure, and you would love to see them entertained.

Where do you use the inflatable water slides?

Well, there are a number of places, which will turn out to be real fun plazas with the introduction of an inflatable water slide in Melbourne.  If you are the owner of a hotel or lodge, then you may get one for the lawn or backyard, so that families who are coming to stay there with children will get an added attraction.

If you have a pool in your house or hotel, etc., then also you may inflate a slide beside the pool to use the pool water and parallelly make the pool the water basin where people will come down by sliding. Or you may simply get it installed in the house at the lawn, garden or terrace, and indulge in fun when you are free or with family.

Installation is very easy, and when you do not want to use it, you may simply deflate and store it in a storage box.


Planning to Make Money in Candle Making? Here’s How

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